October, 30, 2014. 02:39 AM
Understanding the Limited Liability Corporation Business Structure

The limited liability business structure includes the limited liability corporation (LLC) and the limited liability partnership (LLP). Both of these business structures have gained immense popularity since their introduction to the United States 1978. The concept of limited liability business structures originated in Germany, and is currently a favored choice for start-up and more established businesses. Business Ownership Liability as the Foundation What makes the limited liability structure unique is the actual approach that it has to the concept of liability. When considering a company structure, it is important to account for the liability of the owner. The owner’s liability is the ...

March, 2, 2014. 10:53 AM
The Pros and Cons of Being an Entrepreneur

You may possibly consider several reasons to start your own business. Before embarking on the journey of starting a business, understand that will be helpful to ponder the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur. The key to success is assessing whether the potential rewards are worth more to you than the risks you will take.   Pros Of Being An Entrepreneur You may well think nearly everyone becomes an entrepreneur to make money. After all, making money allows people to afford their wants and needs instead of depending on others. But more often than not, the primary reason of becoming an entrepreneur is the sense of self-sufficiency it begets. Often, along with the sense of self-sufficiency there is a personal sa ...

January, 28, 2014. 05:46 AM
How to Develop Entrepreneurial Thinking

Being a successful business owner requires a specific entrepreneurial mindset and way of thinking. Developing the mindset of an entrepreneur also has benefits that extend beyond the world of business. Thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset will allow you to develop a vision for different areas of your life, and allow you apply your skills in a multitude of different ways. You can be more creative, make better decisions, and manage your life and money in a more thoughtful way. There are three main skills that you should exercise when flexing your entrepreneurial thinking muscles. Entrepreneur Thinking Skill #1 – the Power of Observation Always keep your eyes and ears open in every environment that you find yours ...

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