Ramp Up Your Brand through Advertising

Is your brand now ready to begin advertising? To properly understand advertising or to learn even its most basic concepts, you have to begin with the right understanding. The great truth to all advertising is this: The foundation of advertising is the pursuit of sales.   Advertising as The Salesman   Advertising is an embodiment … Continue reading »

Seven Steps to Better Online Branding

Are you looking to bring better online branding to your business? In order to have a successful and effective online presence and website, you must think of it as a virtual Jacobs Ladder into your business. Once you have moved prospective customers to your home page you want to continue to move them to action. … Continue reading »

How to Properly Dismiss an Employee

One could argue that one of the least desirable responsibilities of an entrepreneur is dismissing an employee. While it is definitely very necessary to dismiss an unproductive or quarrelsome employee, it is possibly the hardest to do when the employees have not displayed any negative characteristics. These dismissals may come because of financial troubles in … Continue reading »

How to Write Effective Copy for Advertising

Many business owners understand that they need advertising, but are not quite sure what the advertising should contain. An advertisement must be able to express a message briefly, clearly, and convincingly – just like a salesperson. Some of the elegant phrases and unique styles used in advertising is actually sometimes a disadvantage. It takes attention … Continue reading »
Understanding the Limited Liability Corporation Business Structure

Understanding the Limited Liability Corporation Business Structure

The limited liability business structure includes the limited liability corporation (LLC) and the limited liability partnership (LLP). Both of these business structures have gained immense popularity since their introduction to the United States 1978. The concept of limited liability business structures originated in Germany, and is currently a favored choice for start-up and more established … Continue reading »