Why Create a Business Plan

Creating a business could be one of the most important things you do in your life. So it would only make sense to spend time planning it. Most entrepreneurs initially develop a business plan as a way of describing their business precisely. A business plan is a statement of your business goals, the reasons you think these goals can be met, and how you are going to achieve them.

If you start your business without a plan, you will soon be overwhelmed by questions you haven’t answered. A business plan forces you to figure out how to make your business work. A well-written business plan will show investors that you have carefully thought through what you intend to do to make the business profitable. The more explanation you offer investors about how their money will be used, the more willing they will be to invest. Your plan should be so thoughtful and well written that the only question it raises in an investor’s mind is “How much can I invest?”

A well-written plan will also guide you every step of the way as you develop your business. It becomes a decision-making tool. An entrepreneur uses the business plan to track whether the company is meeting its goals. From time-to-time, the business plan needs to be revised to keep up with the changing nature of the business.

Business plans have no set format. A plan is developed based on the type of business that is intended. However, it is also based on the audience. Businesses need different types of plans for different audiences, so it will be important to consider your audience as you prepare your business plan. Being clear on the purpose of the business plan will help you to achieve its overarching goal of clarifying questions and laying the groundwork for your new business.

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