Is your brand now ready to begin advertising? To properly understand advertising or to learn even its most basic concepts, you have to begin with the right understanding. The great truth to all advertising is this:

The foundation of advertising is the pursuit of sales.


Advertising as The Salesman

Advertising is an embodiment of salesmanship. Success and failure of either sales or advertising are due to the same causes. Therefore every advertising challenge should and can be answered in the same way as a salesperson challenge.

Let’s emphasize our basic point again: the only purpose of advertising is to make sales. Since that is the case, we must measure it as profitable or unprofitable according to its conversion rate (sales). Advertising should not be in place for general purposes or to keep you name known to your prospective customers. It should also never be put in place as a primary aid to your sales staff. Actually, you must treat your advertising as salesperson. Force it to justify itself, comparing it to other sales staff. Figure the ROI of the advertisement as you would a salesperson and accept no excuses. By approaching your advertising this way, you will definitely be on the right track.

Advertising vs The Salesman

The difference between advertisements and salespeople only in the degree to which they contact prospective customers. A real salesperson can talk to one or two customers at a time, while advertising is a multiplied salesperson who can reach thousands in one swoop. This ability to contact so many people at one time comes at a cost. Carefully consider how much you spend on your advertising, either in traditional copy or digital format. When averaging out the cost per word, some companies found that they spent $10 per word on a single advertising campaign. With that type of cost, your advertisements should be known as your super salesperson, and might be the only salesperson that you will ever need.

Looking at things from a different angle, a salesperson can make a mistake that costs very little and is possible to recover at no cost. However an advertising mistake can cost thousands (and even millions) for a similar issue. Take this lesson to heart and be cautious and calculated in your execution of advertising.

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