The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business
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Josh Kaufman
The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business

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On January 24, 2014
Last modified:February 27, 2014


Josh Kaufman provides an alternative to the expensive MBA degree. Save the tuition and learn all that is required for general business skills exposure.

Matriculating through an MBA program used to be seen as a golden ticket to career and financial success. With the rising costs of post-secondary education coupled with higher job competition and lower starting salaries, many are beginning to question if the returns justify the expense. In The Personal MBA, the author argues that the MBA is sub-par and outdated, and alternatively suggests that business people obtain real world experience while mastering the basics.

The book is a tome outlining the basics in enough detail to be useful, while avoiding diving into the corner-case complexities. It also serves as a primer for those looking to apply advanced techniques to their current business endeavors. Kaufman, the author and a former mid-tier executive at Proctor and Gamble, details MBA concepts such as value creation, sales, and finance while providing an adequate listing of resources if more information is required.

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