The Wealthy Freelancer
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E. Gandia, P. Savage, S. Slaunwhite
The Wealthy Freelancer

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On January 12, 2014
Last modified:February 27, 2014


Earn the freedom of the freelance lifestyle while increasing your level of income and personal satisfaction. Three authors who have successfully built their own income provide the instructions in The Wealthy Freelancer.

With recent graduates and even experienced professionals having trouble finding their place in the job market, many people have decided to offer their skills as freelance workers. However the traditional view of freelance work is that it does not lead to building wealth, and provides workers with barely enough to “get-by” until a more permanent position becomes available. In The Wealthy Freelancer, the authors argue that the traditional view is no longer valid. In contrast, they argue that being a freelancer will provide a higher income, more free time to spend with family and friends, and a greater sense of freedom. They also share real life case studies of individuals who have crossed the divide into a world of freelancer wealth.

The three authors share with readers the 12 secrets that can make someone a successful freelance entrepreneur. The chapters of the book provide information on successfully pricing services, obtaining repeat and referral business, and ten other areas they propose are key to building wealth as a freelance business owner. All three of the authors are successful and wealthy freelancers, having built six-figure incomes and years of experience in their own companies. Gandia developed his business as a part time freelancer, while Savage and Slaunwhite are well known and published freelancers in their respective fields. They divulge their secrets to success in hopes that others join them in obtaining the freedom that freelance business owners enjoy.

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