Five Tips for Finding Business Financing

You may need financing to help to start-up your business or to help it grow. Below are 5 key tips to keep in mind as you are finding financial resources for your business.


Use your own personal money

It may be hard, but sometimes it is best to go into business by using your own resources. This especially works well if you are a sole proprietorship, because legally you and your business are the same in the eyes of the court if there are any business debts to be repaid.


Borrow money the smart way

If you are planning to borrow money use a business loan instead of alternative options like credit cards. Often the business loans have better interest rates than what can be offered through an owner’s personal credit card.


Check the local offices

Before signing to any loan with the banks, be sure your local government cannot offer you a better rate. Many local and state governments have loans for businesses with interest rates that are below-market, and some even have no loan origination fees. The best way to find out what your local area offers is through the office of economic development.


Build strong relationship with an outstanding banker

People who control money for a living often love to see it put to good use in a promising business. You will want to seek advice and banking assistance from an individual who understands a bit about your company and your market. They should also be interested in what your business does, as someone who knows more about your business understands more about how to best serve you. The banker you select should also be able to provide referrals to your business in the form of prospective customers or business partners, as they are a connection point in the business community.


Strengthen your personal finances

Often when applying for loans the bank will want to see the personal finances of the business key owners. The bank will want to evaluate the owner’s management of their personal finances, finding this to be an indicator of overall money management skills.

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