Words that Win: What to Say to Get What You Want
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Don Gabor
Words that Win: What to Say to Get What You Want

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On January 15, 2014
Last modified:February 27, 2014


Practice verbal finesse and avoid the pitfalls of faltering communication. Don Gabor provides graceful and persuasive solutions for conversations, negotiating and networking.

With the advent of more digital forms of communication, the art of conversation and verbal finesse is becoming a lost skill. Saying the wrong thing in a particular situation even has a common label of “Foot in Mouth Disease”, an idiom for a communication mishap. Words that Win provides techniques and specific wordsets that anyone can use to sharpen their communication and avoid awkward verbal interactions.

Authored by Don Gabor, considered to be “America’s Small Talk Expert”, the book instructs readers in effective ways to say “no”, increase their level of charisma in conversation, and strategies for successfully negotiating and closing sales. It is organized in three sections, providing techniques for business situations, customer situations and social situations. Gabor is a conversation and networking expert, providing people from all disciplines ways to quickly master the art of conversation and become effective verbal communicators and negotiators.

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