Many business owners understand that they need advertising, but are not quite sure what the advertising should contain. An advertisement must be able to express a message briefly, clearly, and convincingly – just like a salesperson. Some of the elegant phrases and unique styles used in advertising is actually sometimes a disadvantage. It takes attention away from the subject and reveals the hook – the method that you use to capture your customer. Revealing your hook is always a bad thing in advertising. Any blatant attempt to sell the prospective customer will always be met with resistance.

Having too much style and revealing the hook is also bad in personal salesmanship. People who are slick talkers are rarely good as salespeople – they often give off the “used car salesman” vibe. It is their distinct style and phrases that clearly show that they are trying to sell based on something other than merit. Their style makes the customers suspicious and resistant to any further sales efforts. Most successful salespeople are rarely good speechmakers. They do not commonly have oratorical grace, and are usually straight shooters. They tend to be tell-it-like-it-is and sincere, which makes their customers comfortable. They also know their product like the back of their hand, and can spout the features that are similarly displayed in the advertising.

Writing effective copy for ads, web pages, sales letters and other marketing communications isn’t difficult when you know what works. Think of your advertising as an additional salesperson for your business, and not in any other way. To get you started on your advertising, here are seven points you should follow to create successful advertising copy.
1. Define the goal of your message
2. Know your audience and what they want
3. Appeal to their self-interest, not yours
4. Make an emotional appeal, not a logical one
5. Don’t give them any choices, it only confuses things
6. Make your best offer, don’t hold out to bargain later
7. Make it a simple process for them to choose you

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